Wednesday, 28 January 2015

31DC2015 - Day 28 - Non-Glitter Topper - Elevation Polish Ceram Sea meets China Glaze White Cap

Hi Goddesses

Today's post was a great excuse to use a polish that has been languishing in my stash a long time - but I'll get to that in a minute.

First up, let's look at the base - Ceram Sea by Elevation Polish.  This leans a little more sea green than sea blue on me, but luckily, it works with my skin tone.

I love how serene and deep it looks, and also how glossy!  Imagine sitting looking out at a sea that colour - amazing.

So back to the non-glitter topper.  Remember 3 years ago when flakie toppers were FIRST the rage?  The Fingerpaints range,the piCture pOlish versions, Nubar Hidden Treasure?  I remember looking and looking for China Glaze White Cap, and I know for a fact that I only used it once - on an afternoon 3 years ago when I did loads of Barry M swatches.

And yet look at it. Look how it works WITH the base polish and just lifts it to another level of lusciousness.  Sigh.  So how does such a lovely polish get forgotten?  Well, I can probably come up with 982 reasons - a girl only has so many fingers lol.

I then decided to add some stamping, also in gold, and used OPI Love Angel Music Baby.  To be honest, I expected it to stand out more, and whilst it was more visible in real life, it's damn tricky to spot the stamping in these photos.

I used Cici&Sisi07 and a lovely butterfly pattern, but the butterly is a little lost in the shimmer storm.   

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