Tuesday, 6 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 6 - Half and Half

Hi Goddesses

Today's mani is a simple one, but I feel I wimped out.  I think in my head I was going to do half stamping, or something more complicated, but in the end, I got this idea in my head and it stuck.

This is HALF a dotticure and features 3 lovely ATC polishes - 

- Above The Curve Relative Dimensions (purple)
- Above The Curve Wingardium Leviosa (pink)
- Above The Curve Don't Blink

Don't they make a lovely trio?  Unfortunately, they didn't photograph as nicely as they looked, but you get the idea.

This was super simple to do, and I didn't even use tape.  I painted my nail half purple and half pink, and then used the 1st row of dots to try and find and straighten "the middle".   

I love the design, but I think I chose the wrong colours, so prepare for a rematch at some point!

All 3 polishes were sent to me for review.   All 3 applied with the usual perfection you expect from ATC, but surprisingly the pink was my favourite.  Wingardium Leviosa was just such a perfect ballerina pink.  Divine.

You can purchase Above The Curve here.

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