Friday, 2 January 2015

52 Week Challenge AND MY 2000TH POST !!!!

Hi Goddesses

Good morning, good morning.  Can you believe it, this is my 2000th, blog post!!  And how appropriate that it's dominated by the colour purple ahhahaha.

This is the 3 Shades of Purple prompt from the #52WPNMC and all 3 are from Powder Perfect.  I had no idea about what I wanted to do, other than that it would NOT be a dotticure lol, so I just ..... doodled.

Polishes used - L to R

- Powder Perfect Peeling Wallpaper
- Powder Perfect Around The Salvatore Fireplace
- Powder Perfect Lorelei

What's interesting about this mani is that once I'd done it, I was really disappointed with how it photographed, and felt the camera had been baffled by all the colours on show.

So I matted it, and hurrahed because the colours popped a little more.  Yet now, after just having edited the photos, I'm really not sure I do prefer the matte version.  I think the glossy version just packs more drama.

I do like the abstract nature of this design, and I think this mani represents a lot of things I've been guilty of not doing in the past - just sitting down with 3 pretty polishes, and PLAYING with them, and having fun.

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