Saturday, 24 January 2015

Above The Curve - Harry Potter Collection

Hi Goddesses

Today I have another gorgeous group of polishes sent to me for review by Above The Curve.  These aren't all "me" polishes, but there is some serious stun to be had, nevertheless.

Gryffindor is one of my favourites.  Deep berry with magenta magic, this one ticks all my boxes.

It's a great holo, with glittery bits, and my only observation is that I think this would have been more stunning if the glitter were finer - some of them seem a little large, and therefore jarring, to my eye.

The same thing is going on with Ravenclaw, where there's just something about the glitter that makes it sit on top of the mix, rather than within it.

Ravenclaw is a great denimy blue, and here the colour of the glitter really adds to the depth of the overall effect.

Hufflepuff.  Lol.  It's lemon!!!   This is one of those "not me" polishes, but it's fun, nonetheless.

This is creamy lemon with mixed size navy glitters.

Patronus Charm is an icy blue holo with a metallic edge to it.

This is a very cold, wispy colour - perfect for how I imagine the lakeside scene in Prisoner of Azkaban (still my favourite HP book).

Now, Polyjuice Potion is absolutely "not me" but there's something about it that I find really cute.  This is a pale lime jelly, sprinkled with glitters.

This dries semi matte, and you can see I have left it matte on some nails and glossed it up on others.

Sirius Black is a really interesting polish.  Shades of bark, charcoal and coffee mix in this dark-edged polish, which because of its holo, also manages to catch the light.

This initially dries to a matte gritty finish.  Again, I have it natural on some fingers and glossed on the others.  This polish is quite fascinating, and I like that it's different.

And finally Slytherin.  Again, "not me", but I think this is the polish of the collection.  There is just so much complexity here, from the amazing holo bend, to the slight duochrome properties.

I love the deviousness of this polish, which gives it a character befitting of its name.  There's also a toxic element, something faintly poisonous here.   This was the one I wanted to take the most photos of.  Fascinating.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review, and all of them can be purchased HERE.

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