Thursday, 29 January 2015

Crumpet Spring Clean - UK Blog Sale !!

Hi Goddesses

I am having a bit of a clearout AGAIN, so many goodies for you if you want them.

Again, up to 4 polishes in an envelope for £2.80 postage.  UK only due to silly postal regs.  If you see something you'd like, please email me on

Ok, here we go -

3 BN OPI Reds, never used, £5 ea - What's Your Point-settia, Red Hot Rio, Cinnamon Sweet

Zoya Farah and Dawn - slightly used, £3 ea, and Roxy and Moxie, BN £5 ea

OPI £5 ea - Puerto Vallarta Violetto (HTF), HooDoo VooDoo (classic), Kiss Me - Or Elf, In The Cable-Carpool Lane

OPI £5 ea - Rainbow Connection, I Snow You Love Me, Love 

Is Hot and Coal, I Carol About You

OPI £5 ea - OPI Scores A Goal, Embarca-dare Ya, I Knead 

Sour Dough, A-Piers To Be Tan. 

Sally Hansen nail pens - £8 incl postage for the 4

Purple Grab Bags - £10 ea plus postage.  4 polishes.

Indie Grab Bags - £20 ea incl postage.  4 polishes.

HOLO Grab Bags - £25 ea incl postage.  4 polishes.

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