Sunday, 4 January 2015

Crumpet's Journal - Episode 1

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to a new Crumpet feature for 2015 - Crumpet's Journal.

This should appeal to all of you who like this blog for its writing and for my opinions.  It's NOT a weekly round-up or highlights and disappointments post, but it IS a rambly journal style entry that will take you into the chaotic mind of the blogging Crumpet.   A thoughtscape, if you will.

If it helps, think of it as a companion piece to The Secret Diary of a Polishaholic, which WILL be returning soon - I just need to get January out of the way first.

I am aiming to post on Sundays, cos that's a good rambling time for me.  


Thursday January 1st

It's 2015 and I am awake before midday.  This is definitely a good sign!  I'll probably nap later tho ...  

Just checked my blog stats, and December had a 50% increase in page views, making it a 50k month - this only happens to me now in December - you do like those end of year posts haha.  It took a lot of work though - I did 86 posts in December.  A LOT of work.  (Also, a FIFTH of my entire year's output came in that one month lol).

Today is a different day, a calmer day.  For the first time in a month, there is nothing scheduled - eeeeeeeeeeek!  AND today is the start of the 2015 31 Day Challenge - I have currently done 19 manis for it, so I feel quite comfortable. Not that I have yet edited today's photos.  Or written the post.  Hmmmm.

There will definitely be less content in January, and a calmer pace throughout the year.  January's schedule is -

- 31DC2015
- Digital Dozen - we're doing crapping fairy tales and I haven't started yet
- reviews

Ah yes, my review pile.  It's been largely ignored in December as the goal was to do all those end of year posts, so here's what's sat there right now -

- Nail Art Idiot Guide by Emily from The Lacquerologist - this will be posting today - hurrah!

- stamping plates from MoYou Nails - er, stalled a little here, one more mani to do

- 10 stamping plates from Born Pretty - 10!!!  10!!  I have done one mani though

- nail art stencils from smART nails - 8 of those suckers too

- about half a dozen Literary Lacquer polishes - I've been picking these off one by one, and some of them are in the 31DC.  Crumpet smart.

- and, my bete noir - Above The Curve, who kindly sent me about 20 polishes 2 months ago.  I have been appallingly slack at doing anything with these.  I have managed to use 5 by now in nail art, but a lot of them are really dark colours or chrome-y type polishes, which has made it hard to just "use them as I go along".   I am going to have to have a weekend of just GETTING ON WITH IT

So, what's the plan for today?  Well, to be lazy.  Baby Crumpet and I started watching How To Get Away With Murder last night and we raced through 7 episodes.  We have 2 left, and we'll be racing through them today.

Mani-wise, I'd like to get another 2 to 3 31DC manis done, and also possibly schedule 3 posts.  Tomorrow or Saturday I really need to start thinking about DD, and whilst Beth has given me some great ideas, it's a theme where I know my lack of skill is going to make it haaaaaaaaaaaaard.  Waaaah!

Friday January 2nd

Not much is going to happen today lol.  I am schleeeeeepy and it feels like a curl up on the sofa day with Boo.  Having done 22 31DC manis in the last week, I think I've hit a mini wall, so a rest may help inspiration to return.  Oh and yes, I broke a nail yesterday, right down to the quick, so if I rest, it will grow back quicker, yes?

FINALLY got nail mail today too - feels like I've been waiting for-everrrr for my Octopus Party Nail Lacquers to come.  Really impressed with this one though, and look at that Lilypad too!

Oh and today is my 2000th blog post!  Wow, that seems an excessive amount, doesn't it?  That's a lot of hours that have gone into this blog.  Of course, half of those 2000 posts are shit, and done in my first year of blogging.  I wonder how many posts I'd have if I only kept the ones I liked?

Saturday January 3rd

Yeh not much is happening.  I am blaming it on my nail break.  It makes my ring finger look like a doughnut, so I'd rather not use that hand.   Plus, this makes a very good reason for not starting the very evil Digit-al Dozen theme.   Procrastination mastery!

I HAVE been using my non-dominant hand to use those nail stencils, which makes me a good girl :)   Ooooh and look at what came through the post today - Arcane Lacquer!!!

My main activity today has been buying more nail art supplies.   I am obsessed (too strong a word?) with trying to get my brush work and my line work right, so I've bought some MORE brushes, cos apparently those liner brushes I always throw away are really useful, as well as some other bits and pieces I'll show you when they arrive.

Beth and I have run out of episodes of How To Get Away With Murder, so she's starting Grey's Anatomy from the beginning now.  She's been watching the latest series with me, and it's interesting to see her now at the beginning, confused as to why some of the characters know nothing, and why half the characters she loves aren't even in it yet.  Oh Beth, so many tears and good times to come!

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