Saturday, 10 January 2015

Crumpet's Journal - Episode 2

Hi Goddesses

Sunday January 4th

Today does not feel like a productive day.  I am a bit slothlike.  I have a feeling it's because I know I'm back at work tomorrow and all my energy has just gone eeeeeeeeergghhhhh.

I've just finished playing with the smART nail stencils, and I've finished the MoYou review (in so far as I've taken photos), so the review pile is going down!  Whoooppeee.  I really feel I should do some DD stuff today, but I don't wanna.  It's too hard.  Damn you "friends" who chose this theme!

Great quote Albert - but did you ever try the nail art???

To be fair, I would be in the mood for 31DC art, but again, the nail break.  I'd rather not do too much with the ugly.   And I have a shitload of photos to edit for this week.   Yeh, I think I could just about manage editing today.

Monday January 5th

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work we go.   Urrrghhhh, that alarm is a BITCH!  Luckily work was fairly quiet today, so it was a nice ease back.

I got home at 5.30 to a very strange situation - the house all to myself (if you exclude the cats).   So what to do with my own sweet self?

Well, I'm a good girl.  I schedule tomorrow's post, watermark some photos and then engage in something I've never really done before - a swatchathon!   I need to power through these Above The Curve polishes before they start collecting their pension.

Yay - 7 done!

Tuesday January 6th

Tiredness is king today.   I went straight for a nap when I came home from work and just have no inclination to do anything blog related tonight.

In an effort to be a good girl (and because Beth is back tomorrow night and she's going to demand back-to-back CSI and/or Grey's Anatomy), I have actually scheduled tomorrow's post, but can't be arsed to schedule the rest of the week.

Loving the 31DC so far.  I think I have produced some of my best nail art ever, which is brill.   It's just a pisser that I'm doing it with an index finger that looks like it belongs to a nail nibbler.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday January 7-9th

Well, I have mostly been doing this .....

or this ....

I've had Beth back, and I knew her evening schedule would be dominated by her Grey's Anatomy obsession, so Wednesday and Thursday there was only time to schedule the following day's post before I got dragged off to 4 episodes with Seattle's finest.

Sad to hear about Cult Nails though ... I just want to take a moment to salute Maria for paving the way in the indie world, and showing how brands COULD make it big.  To this day, she has one of my favourite logos and fonts EVER, and whilst she sounds happy with her new life direction, I am sad to see her go.

Ok, that's where this week's post ends.  Oh, not with Saturday's details?  No.  Saturday is dominated by Digit-al Dozen stuff, and I thought that would make an interesting separate post for you all.  See you on the other side!

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