Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Fairytales - Cinderella

Hi Goddesses

After yesterday's epic fail, we're on safer ground for the rest of the week!  Not awesome ground, but not fear-inducing, tear-wiping ground either.

Today is a collage on Cinderella images, as demanded by Beth!  However, I was determined to keep it true to the original fairy tale, and de-Disneyed some of her ideas.

The thumb is the pumpkin that will become a carriage once the wand on the index finger is waved.

The middle finger is a snatch of Cinderella's ice blue ballgown.  This is Barry M Elderberry, with holo detail from Color Club Angel Kiss.

The clock preparing to strike midnight is on the ring finger, and pinkie is the famous glass slipper, made with the super-twinkly Shadow Between Us by Literary Lacquers.

I don't utterly love this, but hey, it's heaps better than the pigs lol.

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