Friday, 13 February 2015

52 Week Challenge - Purple

Hi Goddesses

It's been a weird week this week.  For the first time in ages, I've not had a lot of motivation for blogging or painting my nails.  I'm going to 100% blame it on this horrendous cold I've had, as some days I haven't felt motivated to do anything!

This week's 2nd prompt for the 52 Week Challenge is purple, and I dug a long forgotten (and never used) gem out of my collection - Different Dimension Orchid You Not.

It's a lovely bright purple with violet tinges to it.   I sometimes get a bit jaded with purple holos, because I own so many of them, but this one was a nice change.

As this week's other 52 Week prompt was hearts, I did some multi-colour stamping, using 3 MoYou stamping polishes and MoYou Punk 06 plate.

I love the finished result, that it has a slightly tattered and edgy look, and isn't too cutesy.

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