Thursday, 5 February 2015

#52WPNMC - Pale Blue - China Glaze Sea Spray

Hi Goddesses

I've recently gone a bit pastel-mental.  I don't know whether it's a yearning for Spring or renewal, but I recently separated all my pastels out into a separate box so that I could drool over them and use them for the next few weeks.

In doing so, I found a polish I had kind of forgotten I had, and DEFINITELY forgotten its level of spectacular.

China Glaze Sea Spray is the most amazing pale blue, greyed in tone, but laden with shimmer.  It's truly gorgeous, and you should try to grab it if you can.

I thought this would make a really springlike dotticure, so I created some large white dots and then centred them with smaller dots of Barry M Dragon.

Once I'd glossed it, it was all a little but too much, so I matted it and LOVE the final result.

Happy Spring People!

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