Sunday, 22 February 2015

Crumpet's Journal - Episode 5

Hi Goddesses

Wow, it's been a quiet week on this blog, hsan't it?!  wait, wait ... can you hear that ..... the whoosh of the tumbleweed lol?    

I am in a very weird head space at the moment, so let me tumble you through what's going on.   First of all, I got a new job - yay!  More money, better company, more autonomy.   Is that why I'm not blogging?  No, not really.

I've got lots of things vaulted and ready to go, a good 2 to 3 weeks worth of material, and more gorgeous goodies coming in for review, as well as all those luscious pastels.  Is that why I'm not blogging?  No, not really.

I think this photo is the best description I can find.  I have lost my oooomph.  Where it is, fuck knows, but it isn't inside me lol, and I find myself wanting to either sit in a stupor, or sleep, or sleep ..... or sleep.

So what is to blame?  Well, I'm squarely putting the blame on the hideous 2 week cold I had.  I am pretty sure it didn't become flu, but it did wipe me out.  Also, I wasn't eating properly (because my mouth tasted like chewy sewage), so I am a bit lacking in energy.

Or am I ..... it makes me wonder.  I always knew the end would come eventually, blogging-wise, and any slump like this makes me wonder if "this is it".    I am also aware my blogging sprang out of a lack of self-worth in my job - so if I get a job I adore, where does the blog go?

I don't think we're there yet, but it does upset me to see those lovely Jessica pastels and not want to pick even one of them up.   On the plus side however, I am reading, which is great.  I'm currently obsessed with Steve Jobs, so I bought a couple of bios on him.  Actually, I watched the biopic featuring Ashton Kutcher the other week and he was AWESOME.  He's not usually an actor I like, but he dropped all his annoying "aren't I cute / funny" stuf and delivered a real performance.

So, I am sure I will see you soon.  All I need to do is write posts, I have material, but .... yeh ... I don't wanna lol.   I'll definitely be back for DD week which starts on March 9th, and hopefully the gorgeous Literary Lacquers stuff I promised you last week will be up my then too.

In the meantime, if you need a snuggle, mine's definitely the best duvet in town :)

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