Thursday, 12 February 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Patterns on Patterns - Plaid on Tape Mani

Hi Goddesses

Today's mani is one of the first I did for this week's challenge, and features a mani I did for Day 2 of January's 31DC.

I was in love with the tape mani I had done on 3 fingers, and was curious to see if it could take another pattern - and I think it did!

The polishes are - 

base - Literary Lacquers - Shadown Between Us
Indigo Bananas - Halcyon, Twice As Bright, Electric Unicorns

Before I did the stamping, I did a little bit of splodging with the same polishes on the 2 non-taped nails, and then I stamped using MoYou purple stamping polish and MoYou Pro 01.

Unexpectedly it works, and it looks pretty similar to quite a lot of socks I have!

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