Thursday, 5 February 2015

Girly Bits - Belly Jeans, Shake A Tower, I Hit My Bunny Phone and Wave The Sails

Hi Goddesses

It feels a little like it's been Girly Bits week so far this week on the blog, and this is the 3rd and final post I had vaulted.  I think sometimes I take Girly Bits for granted - Pam has been making great polishes for so long, that I don't always appreciate exactly HOW good, reliable and quality-consistent she is.

Take these multichromes today.   I bought them last year when the world went duochrome / multichrome crazy.  I bought a couple from ILNP, a couple from Girly Bits and a few from KBShimmer.   Over the next week, you'll get to hear my views on the differing quality between the 3 brands.  Suffice to say, Girly Bits either topped the list, or shared the headline slot.

First up Belly Jeans.  This is primarily a blue-purple shifter, with holographic dust thrown in.

When the purple burns bright, this is a stunner.

Go And Shake A Tower is similar to Belly Jeans, but dialled down a notch.

This is again filled with holographic dust, and stays mostly blue (or did in my lighting).

I Hit My Bunny Phone is non-holographic and the colours are therefore stronger.   

This is darkly purple, with a burgundy to ruby shift.  It won't surprise you to know that this was my favourite ;)  

Wave The Sails is also non-holographic.  The purple in this is bluer, and it leans pink rather than burgundy.

Not quite as mesmeric as IHMBP, this still packs wallop, especially when the pink duochrome sits on the polish like fairy shimmer.

I've bought and destashed a LOT of duochromes over the years.  I have to say, the quality of these is fabulous, both in terms of application and colour-drama.   If you're still looking to pick some up, you won't go wrong with these.

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