Monday, 16 February 2015

Literary Lacquers - To Blossom

Hi Goddesses

This week you have a treat.  Amongst the 52 Week Challenge posts, you get to see 4 Literary Lacquers polishes I was sent for review, and I've done nail art with all of them.

We start the week brightly!  I start my new job today, so I wanted something spangly and gorgeous for the blog too.  This is To Blossom, and she's GLORIOUS.

To Blossom is a fabulous berry / pink / magenta holo-bomb, with the signature pieces of Literary Lacquers magic glitter.  She's just stunning, full of zingy blue bend and those gorgeous pieces of sparkle.

I wanted to do something different and chose to do this zany peacock pattern using MM14 from Messy Mansion, probably my current favourite plate.

I splodged the base with OPI You Better Pink and Sation Fan The Flames Fuchsia so that all 3 pinks had equal interplay, and then stamped.

I am absolutely entranced by the final effect.  Stamping over a splodged base is always great, but there's something about this that just POPS.  Super in love with the polishes and the plate.

If you haven't treated yourself for a while, you can head to Literary Lacquers by clicking the link HERE.

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