Sunday, 1 February 2015

Secret Diary of a Polishaholic - How DO You Accumulate 300 Untrieds?

Hi Goddesses

I've got a fun little piece for you today on my Untrieds.  I’ve mentioned before that there are currently about 300 polishes huddled together on Mount Untried.  

Some of you may perfectly understand how it is possible to accumulate such a number of polishes, but for those of you who are bemused, here is the Secret Diary of a Polishaholic Guide to How To Build Mount Untried.

Ooooh that looks nice.
Polishaholic sees polish.  Polishaholic buys polish.

While I’m here …..
Where it seems rude / uneconomical to just buy 1 polish.  If I’m in the store, I may as well scalp it, yes?

While I’m here, part 2
Ooooh they stock other brands as well.  See above

I Blame The Blogger
That blogger said it was awesome and it looked so good in her swatches.  No, I don’t usually like that colour, but it did look pretty.

I know I “think” I’ve found the perfect  mint green / lilac / burnt orange, but this one might be better.

Everybody’s Talkin Bout It
This brand is the new cool thing.  Ooops, purchased.

Shit, I Forgot
Aka yes, I bought this before, but it’s slung in a box with all the other untrieds.

It Was On Offer
No, it’s not my usual colour, but it was 3 for 2 and I couldn’t leave til I found the 3rd, but then I found 4, so I had to buy 6.

It Was On Offer, part 2
It wasn’t, but it makes you feel better to lie about it.

It’s A Legend!
No, I have no idea what Mad As  A Hatter looks like either, but apparently it’s well hard to get hold of, and therefore I must get it.  It’s an investment.

It’s a HTF!
No one else can get their hands on it – therefore if I can, I should.  Mwaahahahaha.  Even though I don’t actually “like” it.

Limited Edition, you say?
See above

But I’m A Blogger!
My fans will expect me to know how this grey polish compares to every other grey polish ever released, so I must buy it, even though I don’t like it.

Bless Her
A Facebook friend who I don’t know in real life and know nothing about is doing a group buy for something I’ve never heard of.  A lot of people want in, so that means I *must* have it too.

I’m A Collector / Hoarder
I don’t own all the colours in the world, yet.  Justified.
Also applies to textures / finishes, and the polishes that you don’t like but which would complete your OPI Collection.

Yeh, I got that in a swap.  No, I don’t like it, but it’s Brazilian / European

You can fit 4 / 7 / 16 in a packet / box – no way I’m leaving ANY empty space in that sucker.

I’m Trying To Find The Perfect Colour
I am trying to find the perfect navy / smokey lilac / mint green.  I have therefore purchased 20 in the belief that 1 of  them will be a keeper.

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