Sunday, 8 February 2015

Superficially Colorful - Listless, Enthralled and All The Purple In The World

Hi Goddesses

I swear I don't know how it happens, but these swatches are now almost a year old.  Yup, done in March last year.  Did I like the polishes? Yes I did, so I really have no explanation for why they were vaulted for so long.

I bought all 3 of these polishes from my good friend Jin, who in the last year has created a great polish line at Superficially Colorful.  

Let's start with the 2 thermals.  First up is Listless, which I absolutely love.  It flits from teal to a lovely creamy green.

The quality of these polishes is high, and I love that they don't dry glossy.   They also don't need extremes of temperature to cause the polish to change colour.

Enthralled is a weirder polish combination, from orange to brown.   The orange is utterly gorgeous and corally, and shot through with shimmer.

What I love is that when it turns brown, all that coral shimmer is still there, shining brightly, making this a really unusual polish.

And finally, All The Purple In The World, which is a glitter but not a thermal.   This is super sparkly and full of fun.

Since I bought these polishes, Jin has expanded into holos, neons, shimmers and metallics.  Be sure to check out her shop HERE.  These polishes were all purchased by me.

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