Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Nature - Bright Flowers

Hi Goddesses

You may squint at today's manicure and wonder if you've seen it before, and the answer is yes .... and no.   I did 2 very similar manis for the 31DC in January, and this is a variation I did, taking it to the brightest extreme.

There's something about this pattern that just makes me smile.  Not a little smile either, but a great big HAPPY smile.  The pattern is super simple to do, and looks great in any colour mix.

The polishes are - 

Barry M Coconut
OPI Fashion A Bow (red)
OPI Hot & Spicy (orange)
NOPI Pink. Seriously.

The only minor annoyage with this mani is the slight streaking.  I don't usually get streaks from my top coat, but I am assuming it happened here because the dots used to create the flowers were quite thick and dense.

Happy Flower Day!

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