Saturday, 14 March 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Nature EXTRA - Baby Crumpet Style

Hi Goddesses

Well the DD Week can't officially end until Beth has done a mani, and this is one she did on my nails to fit this theme.

Beth is obsessed with animals and nature, so it was actually quite hard for her to narrow this down.

As I watch her (and try to suck in my control freak), it amazes me to watch how she instantly does some things better than me, with a finer touch, or just with a better conceptual awareness.  Take the fish on my index nail - as I watched her doing it, it was a real Homer DOH moment that I hadn't grasped that simplicity myself, and sooner.

For the record, we have - 

thumb - beach, sea, midnight sky
index - fish and reeds
middle - bunny!!!!
ring - she sort of lost track here lol
pinkie - chicky chicky!

Enjoy xx

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