Monday, 9 March 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Nature - Waves

Hi Goddesses

Long time, no see!  Other than saying a very warm and huggy hello, I'm going to dive straight into today's post.  Where I've been the last couple of weeks and how things are going / not going can wait for a Crumpet's Journal piece - this week's all about the art!

It's ironic.  I actually did all of this week's manis about 5 weeks ago.  In fact, this one was done in December.  It's as if the universe knew things were going to turn to shit - if I hadn't done these so early, there's no way I would have found the time to create them in the last 2 weeks.

Like a lot of my manis, this was a happy accident, and started with a review of Leviathan by Powder Perfect.  When I was debating what art to do over the top, it struck me as a dark aquatic colour, so I splodged on some Barry M Elderberry and Cardamom to make it look more turbulent.

Getting the right mix of colours was a little tricky, and there were a few overdubs before I added the waves.  These came from MoYou Sailor 06.

This is one of the rare times where I've not used a whole pattern OR when I've only stamped my tips, so quite the first today, and overall, I absolutely loved how this came together.

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