Friday, 27 March 2015

Literary Lacquers - Je Reviens Leopard Nail Art

Hi Goddesses

It's one of the hilarities of my blogging life that once upon a time I HATED teal.  I'm a pretty no-nonsense person, and I just couldn't respect a polish that couldn't decide whether it was blue or green.

Since then, I've become somewhat the fan.  You can blame Amy for a lot of it - Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster has been my favourite polish for 18 months now - gggrrrr.   More than anything though, the teals, especially the darker ones, like Je Reviens, appeal to my inner witch.  They seem to phsycially represent the glamour of a witchy soul, and I do so love that about them.

Je Reviens is just glory in a bottle. Dark, intense, dangerous and yet GLITTERED with sparkle.  This is witchcraft on a whole new level.

I then decided to add some leopard print, and decided it would be GENIUS to have white edging rather than black - hhhmmm, still not so sure about that - and added OPI Can't Find My Czechbook as my contrast.

I think these ended up ok rather than sensational, but man, you can't beat that teal.

You can buy Amy's utterly amazing polishes HERE.

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