Thursday, 26 March 2015

Literary Lacquers - Luggage For Your Journey

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to a mini spree!  I have about 30 polishes for review at the moment, and managed to play with some beauties at the weekend, but before I can post about them, I need to finish what I had started before I took a break, so welcome back to the glorious world of Literary Lacquers.

Luggage For Your Journey is a tribute Limited Edition that Amy released a few months ago in honour of Terry Pratchett, and to raise money for Alzheimers.  Sadly since then, Lord Terry of the Discworld has lost his battle, but he leaves the world richer both for his uniquely twisted imagination and his candour in the face of the horror that is Alzheimers.

The polish itself is a rich, burnished cup of tea, featuring Amy's trademark sparkle.

As legendary as ever is her ability to take a warm polish and yet let it burn with ice-blue holo fire.  It's quite a trick.

I paired this with some very simple stamping from MoYou Pro Collection 03, and using Barry M Gold Foil.

I liked the old fashioned nature of the pattern, and between them, I think they look like wallpaper from yesteryear, no doubt slowly peeling at the corners.

This polish was sent to me for an honest review.  Don't forget to follow Literary Lacquers HERE.

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