Friday, 24 April 2015

The Polish Bar Spring 2015 Collection

Hi Goddesses

Woof, thank god it's the end of the week!  Life is tough at the moment, and I haven't even got a realxing weekend to look forward to.  After losing the job, getting a new job and the car crash, we have then had Parsnip at death's door (thankfully now recovered) and now our landlord is selling the house, so we need to pack and find somewhere else to rent in the next 6 weeks.  Alllllll of this has put polish on the back burner, which is sad, because I have been sent some very lovely polishes recently.  But better late than never, eh?

The Spring Collection from The Polish Bar is everything you would expect - super soft pastels, a smattering of holo, delicate mixes oh ... and 2 unexpected glitters.

White Lilac was my very favourite.  This is an icy lilac and utterly gorgeous.  Perfect for wedding season too.

Green Goddess was another favourite - just look at everything that's going on in this polish.  It's a very subtle broth and I love the super subtle flakies.

Diamonds In The Sky is a sky blue holo, twinkling like a spring day.  Perhaps nothing we haven't seen before, but beautiful nonetheless.

And then Sweet Pea, the kissing cousin of Green Goddess, and another masterpiece of mixing subtle and stark, soft and edgy.  Love the flakies, again.

And then the 2 glitters.  These polishes were NOT my friends, but -
* I don't tend to go for these sorts of polishes in real life
* because I had mini bottles, the glitters were hard to fish for.  If you look at other bloggers' swatches, you'll find more glitter :)
* I deliberately didn't use undies.  If I'm honest, I think some nice pastel undies are needed for these polishes, although I did quite like the icy effect the sheerness gave me.

The blue polish is On A Cloud, and the pink is called Cotton Candy.

Janice consistently releases great polishes but is perhaps not as well known as some of her peers, which is a shame.  If you visit her Etsy shop HERE, you'll see a range of the new and the old, from pastels to glitter toppers to neons to out and out holos.  I am never disappointed with the quality of her polishes, so if you're looking for something new, why not start HERE.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Grace-Full Nail Polish - Katie

Hi Goddesses

I hope you enjoyed the 6 pastels I showed you from Grace-Full Nail Polish's Spring Beach Collection.  Today I have another GFNP I was sent for review, but not a pastel.

First of all, let me tell you, this polish sent my camera WAPPY!  This polish so glittery, sparkly and twinkly that my camera just basically quit on me, hence the uneven nature of the photos.  I tried every lighting and angle I could think of, and STILL these photos don't look 1/10th as good as my nails did.

Katie is a berry-red jelly CRAMMED with holographic sparkle and all manner of other glitters.  It just GLOWS on the nail, and I hope you like the deliberate blurring I managed to capture in a couple of the photos - this was like a living ruby fire on my nails.

I ddn't want to hide the polish too much with stamping, so I chose a very simple dotted pattern from MoYou Holy Shapes Collection 10.

The gold blends well with the autumnal dazzle of the polish, and calmed the overall effect down a little for my camera lol.

You can visit Grace-Full Polish HERE -  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Grace-Full Nail Polish - Maddison

Hi Goddesses

There are 2 great lilac pastels in the Spring Beach collection from Grace-Full nail polish.  Jacinta, you've already seen.  Today it's the turn of Maddison.

Maddison is a pinker lilac, more heather-y in tone, and the girlier for it.  Personally, given the choice, I would take the bluer tones of Jacinta, but I was surprised how much I liked this one too.

Usually I find pinky-lilacs too sickly, but this polish has just the right balance, and that perfect opacity.

For funsies I added dots in Margaret and Emma, and then added matte top coat.

You can visit Grace-Full Polish HERE - Theresa also has a special international shipping discount at the moment - see below for more details.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

I've opened to International shipping for two weeks from the 6th April until the 20th but unfortunately there are some restrictions to International shipping. You pay one flat rate but I can only send 6 bottle of polish internationally, at a time. So please keep your order to 6 polishes.
Take advantage of the 20%off sale and use code EASTER until 11.59pm Tuesday AEST and don't forget prices are in Aussie dollars. 

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