Saturday, 4 April 2015

Alter Ego Nail Enamel - Review - First Love Collection

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a collection for you from Alter Ego, which was sent for review a few weeks ago.

The colours in this collection are gorgeous, but I must admit, I struggled somewhat with the formula.  Cynthia is rare amongst indie makers in that she makes her own base, and I don't know if this caused my struggles or is unrelated, but I found the polishes really thick and syrupy.  Some of them were very hard to spread, and it's not a formula I would be keen to use again.  In Cynthia's defence, she has had feedback that people would rather thin her polish a little than have her make it too thin and need 4 coats - I guess it's hard to win and we all have our preferences.

Bubbly is a champagne gold semi-holo glittery-looking polish.  It looks lovely on, but this was the hardest to apply.

This catches the light beautifully but took a little bit of levelling.

Tangy is a crelly. Even at 3 coats, this is still a little thin for me.

They all dry semi-matte, so I glossed mine back up to make it look more like a lollipop!

Secret Lover is truly gorgeous.   Again this was very thick and hard to "spread".

It's possibly the most beautiful colour in the collection though, a lovely tomato-ey red with added sparkle.  This dries semi-gritty, a little like a textured polish.

First Love is my other favourite and probably the easiest to apply - this one has a real magic to it.

This is full of shimmer and I love the clash of lilac and blue here.

Finally, Night Owl, my least favourite.  It seems very unlike the rest of the collection and so colourwise was quite a shock.

This was also very thick to apply.  Here I have it matted to highlight the shimmer.

You can buy Cynthia's polishes here (together with her scented cuticle sticks), as long as you're comfortable experimenting with a few drops of thinner to reach your required formula.  Jacki, of Adventures in Acetone also has reviews of her polishes, and loves them, and is not offput by adding thinner.  Me, I prefer to buy and apply.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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