Monday, 6 April 2015

Shades of Phoenix - Raw Fire

Hi Goddesses

Today I have another Shades of Phoenix beauty which I was sent for review, and it's green!  Well, not so much green as GREEEEEEEEN!

Can you believe this colour?   This is one of the key factors in what makes Shades of Phoenix so special - this deep colour saturation, not to mention the super cute and perfect glitter mix.

Raw Fire is grassy, lime, bright Kermit green, and although "me and greens blah blah blah", I did have a lot of love for this one, probably because of its cheeky brightness.

I then did a little maze stamping on top using MoYou Games Collection 05, and I think the combos look pretty great together.

I should have done a Maze Runner mani for book club a month ago, so consider this my late entry lol.

Shades of Phoenix can be bought here - check back tomorrow from more gorgeous.

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