Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Shades of Phoenix - Soul Fire

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to Day 3 of my review of the Shades of Phoenix polishes I was sent for review, and today is the day we shout STOP THE CLOCKS!!!

Holy hellfire, will you LOOK at this colour.  Oh wow, I totally lost my heart to this one.  Again, that colour saturation.  Again, that perfect glitter mix.

I do love my orange polishes and what I love most about this one is the shade.  It's slightly muted and burnt, and yet still bright and intense.  It.  Is.  Stunning.

For my stamping, I played with this whimsical little pattern that's on MoYou Holy Shapes 10.

It's collections of dots, clustered together, but I love how it looks like a baby cow print too.  Baby orange cows - how funky is that?

Shades of Phoenix can be bought here - check back tomorrow from more gorgeous.

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