Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Shades of Phoenix - Wild Fire

Hi Goddesses

Today's Shades of Phoenix polish is gorgeous, glorious and GAH !!  Lol.

I do love me some red sparkle, and Wild Fire is perfect.  This is soft in tone, which is a wise move, as it means the polish base never overshadows the glitter action.

And look at that sparkle!  Ah, I die!  This is like a raspberry fruit pastille, dusted with sugar and blackberry dust.    I'm always a sucker for red and purple together, and this is just sublime.

For the stamping I used MoYou Holy Shapes 02 and Mod Lacquer Interstellar Artifact.

Although I love the pattern and the combo, the stamping isn't as proud as I would have liked it, and for me it's a little too subtle.  Better in my head lol.

Shades of Phoenix can be bought here - check back tomorrow for the final gorgeous.

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