Monday, 25 May 2015

52 Week Challenge Catch Up - Lilac and Green

Hi Goddesses

Whilst I'm moving house, I have some stuff scheduled for you.  Ironically, just before my break, I was doing some of my best nail art lol, so lets hope I still remember how when I come back!

This mani was for the Lilac and Green prompt of the 52 Week Challenge and should have gone live on 16 March.

Like a few of my nail art friends, I am a little obsessed with needle drag, but have always struggled with it.  Until now.   I appear to have accidentally stumbled on a magic formula - do it on bare nails.  Seriously.  And that way, when it goes wrong, as the ring finger did 5 times, it's easy to wipe off and start again.

Emily aka The Lacquerologist also mentioned she got better results using gel polishes, so when I picked up these 2 beauties from the Sally Hansen Gel line, that's what I tried first of all!  (B Girl and Street Flair).

This is by FAR the best needle drag I have ever managed, so much so that I am going to continue to experiment when my neons arrive - mmmmm :)

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