Tuesday, 26 May 2015

MOD Lacquer Aerial Phenomenon - Flower Stamping

Hi Goddesses

I love date stamps on photos.  I knew this had sat in the vault the longest of all my manis, but I didn't realise I did it nearly 9 months ago lol.

On base we have the lovely holo glamour of Aerial Phenomenon by MOD Lacquer, a delicious raspberry pink.

I love the combo of pink and red so decided to use MoYou red as my stamping colour - but as you can see, it's a little hard to identify the pattern when that holo starts to bend.

The floral pattern is from one of my LilyAnna plates - 03 - and is just the sort of big and bold pattern that I love.

This mani is a great example of 2 things - one, that it IS quite tricky to stamp over holos; ya gotta that polish combo right - and two, sometimes, it always looks better in real life :)

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