Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Powder Perfect - The Crossroads and Ensorcel from The Hardwicke Collection

Hi Goddesses

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive the new stained glass collection from Jacinta at Powder Perfect for review.   What I didn't expect was that she would also sneak 2 new polishes from The Hardwicke Collection into the package as well :)

Powder Perfect is a brand I have long adored.  Rich, intense, decadent colours with a Victorian vibe, there is nothing half-hearted about this indie.  Everything is as intense as it can be, and I have yet to be disappointed.

Now, obviously I love the purple I will be showing you, but seriously, will you look at this brown?   This is The Crossroads.  And I do not like brown.  At All.

Yet The Crossroads is one of the most breathtaking polishes I have ever seen.  The composition is spectacular, making this as much a work of art as a nail polish.

The Crossroads has a dark taupe / milky coffee holographic base.   WITH COPPER FLAKIES.  I know, it's OMG overload, but those flakies, wow, they SLAY it.

I think it's that so unexpected.  You assume the violet and steel-blue flashes of holo will be enough, and then you get this added bonus on top, a bonus that complements yet just slightly clashes with its base.  Genius.

And then the purple.  Ah.  As you may have read on this week's Crumpet's Journal, times have been a-tough over here, but this reminds me WHY I love polish.

Ensorcel is a deep purple (probably more plummy and brown-toned than my photos show) which is just perfect in colour and tone.  And then it has all these gold flakies in it.  And well, I don't know, but I may have peed a little.

And look, this polish is sooooo beautiful I even went outside to photograph it in the shade so you could see the flakies better.   Indoors, the camera crapped out a bit with all the holo (interesting to see too how these 2 polishes photographed differently, purely because they were taken at different times of the day.)

Can I hear a WOW??

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.

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