Saturday, 9 May 2015

Review - Indigo Bananas - Spring 2015

Hi Goddesses

In a world where it sometimes seems like every polish maker is releasing either the same thing, or stuff I've already got, it's not often I see something and know I want to have it.  When that same polish maker then offers to send it to me for review, there's not much else to do but squeal and pee my pants (just a little).

The Spring 2015 collection from Indigo Bananas is pure goodness.  5 gorgeous shades, all packed with shimmer that dances in the weak sunshine.   I needed 3-4 coats with most of these, which I think is just because they are new - I am sure the polish will thicken a little as it gets used and exposed to the air.   This caused a few minor self-levelling issues along the way, but as you can see, by the final coat, everything was hunky dory.  Now, let's talk COLOURS.

The perfect pink isn't easy - too sickly and you instantly feel you've overdone the candy floss, but for me and my skin tone, Cherry Blossom Roads is perfect.

All of these pastels are light and bright, and the shimmer just allows even more light in.  This pink has a bluish-lilac-toned shimmer, and the contrast is delicious.

This is probably the most traditional of the 5, and surprisingly one of my favourites.

Jacaranda is the lilac, and you know I love my lilacs.   

Despite the coppery warmth of the shimmer, this remains heavily blue-toned and cool - how I wish I felt in the sunshine!

Little Fluffy Clouds is the blue, and it's quite delicious.  Here the blue dances with lilac shimmer to create a super soft confection.

More than anything, this is a Cinderella blue for me - it's the perfect colour of her dress.  Cool and elegant, all in one.

Saffron Revolution is a surprise favourite.  I love this one, the combination and how it looks on my skin tone.

This is a cream-based peach, that's had a few extra dollops of peach.  By that, I mean that it's quite intense and saturated for a peach polish, and has more ooomph as a result.

It's the offset of the shimmer though that's the real winner, with the icy lilac the perfect contrast.

The Land of Green Ginger is a lovely cool minty green that's perfect for spring.

Here, lemon shimmer provides a zingy contrast that's really refreshing.

As you may be able to tell, I loved all of these.  They also score highly on my number 1 objective for any polish collection - they play nicely together.  As you will see in the next couple of weeks, they gradient well (and wait til you see the gradiented SHIMMER pay off), and look gorgeous in nail art.

These are real winners for me, and now I'm lusting over the neons Andrea has just released.  For me, she's one of the unsung geniuses of the indie polish world and she deserves to be more well known than she is.  If you like your polishes with a little bit of quirk, and a slight twist, Indigo Bananas is the place for you.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.

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