Monday, 4 May 2015

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Hi Goddesses

I have something slightly different for you today, which I was sent for review. 

For a long time now, the UK has lacked a really good nail polish subscription service.  There are loads in the US and even some in Oz, but it's all been a bit quiet for us.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by who ARE launching a monthly nail box subscription service, and asked if I'd like to give it a whirl!

The box contains 5 items each month - 4 polishes and 1 extra.  For the box I received, there was an Essie nail file and 4 polishes - an OPI, an Essie, a China Glaze and a Revlon - giving you a wide range of quality and brands.

The next box is similar - this time offering Essie, Nicole by OPI, Orly and Rimmel.

So, the key question is how much the box costs.  It's £15 a month, but you can reduce that to £13.50 depending on your subscription option.  Is that a fair price?  Well, £3 is going to be your postage, so that's £10-12 for 4 polishes, which IS good value, although I suspect those 4 polishes will always be older stock to be able to deliver that price.

Should you subscribe?  I think they're a great idea.  If this was a couple of years ago, I would definitely subscribe.  My problem now is that 1000 polishes in (and just as many destashed), there's not a lot I haven't got.  However this is PERFECT if you're setting out on your nail obsession, and how exciting to get nail mail every month!

I decided to do nail art with the 4 polishes I received for review, and I really appreciated that the 4 polishes they chose worked so well together, allowing you to wear them alone or in combinations til your next box arrives!

- OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
- China Glaze Peachy Keen
- Revlon Buttercup
- Essie Muchi, Muchi

 You can find out all about HERE.

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