Monday, 6 July 2015

Crumpet’s Journal – Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Hi Goddesses

Peepo!  I’m back!

Did you miss me?  I hope so, because I really REALLY missed you all, and I am SO glad to be back.  I am pumped, I am juiced, I am excited, I am DROOLING with all the polish love I have

So, as I think you know, the last few weeks have been hideous (moving house).  In fact, the whole year so far has been hideous, with one stressful, soul-draining event after another.   By April, I’d reached breaking point, and the blog was probably the thing that was going to go.  Unlike the year before, when I’d been stressed and looking to rebalance, this time there didn’t seem like there’d be a way back.  But look!  LOOK!  Here I am.  So how did I come back from so far over the brink I was doing handstands into the abyss (ooh, that would make a great book title).

Yes, Handstands Into The Abyss ….  Pre 8 weeks of house-moving hell, I’d decided the blog was either going to go, or shrink dramatically.  It was prompted by a mixture of stuff – neglecting grown-up responsibilities, wanting to do other stuff with Beth, and of course pondering whether nail polish and all its obsessive tentacles was really just an equivalent of playing World of Warcraft or other adult-avoidance tactics.  Also, for the first time, I’d run out of inspiration and just could not be arsed.

But I tell you what, there’s nothing that makes you realise how much you love something than not being able to have it.  Think chocolate when you’re on a diet, or bacon when you’re a vegetarian.   It wasn’t instant, but after a few weeks, I was itching to get back in the nail room, if only for the oasis of calm that it is.

Then, as if the universe was prompting them, indie makers and brands started contacting me, asking me if they could send product.  Despite my plans to turn down all future requests, I found myself saying yes, grateful for the opportunity to play with polish.  And now, a few weeks later, there’s 11 packages sat there in that there review pile and I couldn’t be happier.  

Better yet, I’ve started seeing patterns again.  The colours are talking to me, and inspiration and ideas are everywhere. I feel like I’ve broken out of hibernation, happy and whole.

The biggest lesson of all though is that regardless of the blogging, nail polish IS and always will be my yoga.  It’s my calm, it’s my zen, and it’s my safety net whilst I’m doing handstands in the abyss.  It soothes me like nothing else, and on the worst, stressiest days of this house move, all I wanted to do was lock the nail room door, roll around in my polishes, and paint my nails.  Slowly.

Polish is my delicious me time.  Regardless of whether it’s YOU and me time, and blog time and all that other stuff I try to do too much of, nail polish is ME.  It’s where I’m happiest, calmest and most peaceful.

Thank God a rest is better than a cure.

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