Thursday, 9 July 2015

June Nailbox Review -

Hi Goddesses

Moving house, as I may have mentioned, has been stressful.   Even worse has been receiving products for review which I knew I might not be able to post in time, and although I snuck some images on IG, that's not really where I live, and I felt I was short-changing the brands if I didn't do a blog post as soon as I could.

I've reviewed for Nailbox before, when they first launched a couple of months ago, and the tiny whiff of cynicism I had (that the products would all be old stock) has been well and truly blown away by this, their best box to date.

(This was also the first nail art I did in the new house!)

The June box contains goodies worth £50, and you can subscribe for about £13.50.  That's great maths, and great savings!   So what did the June box contain?   

Nails Inc Colville Mews - I am not a huge Nails Inc fan because at £11 I find them over-priced, however there is no denying this is a stunning nude.  I even own it in the "old" version - this version is the new Gel Effect

Essie Roarrrrange - Me and Essie don't get on.  I love the colours, but Essie chips like mad on me, so I don't often use it.  This is a cracker of a colour though, and very similar to the other Essie orange I use for nail art.   This usually retails in the £8 zone.

Tanya Burr Mischief Managed - a nice bright, happy red.  This is a brand that I have seen but never tried.   It's one of the great selling points of the Nailbox that you'll get to try brands you haven't tried before.

Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat - it really annoys me how many women still don't top coat their nails, mainly because they think top coats take too long to dry.  Seche Vite dries in less than 5 minutes and usually retails for about £9. It will change your polish life.  Unfortunately, it causes shrinkage on some people (of the nail polish, sadly not my fat zones) so I use Poshe.  Which brand I use is not so important as the message - get on with the top coat!

Elegant Touch Cuticle Nipper.   Ok, I am not posh when it comes to my nails, so I have never actually owned a cuticle clipper before, but wow I am in love!  Or I was once I realised you pulled them apart first, not squeezed them together - duh!

The other thing I love about this box is how well these polishes work together.  Whoever curated this box did a really good job.

And finally, the nail art.   I wanted to show how versatile these colours were and do several different looks, hence -

* the gradient
* dots
* small dots at nail base
* skinny tips

This box was sent to me for an honest review.  If you'd like to find out more or subscribe, click HERE.

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