Sunday, 26 July 2015

Literary Lacquers Comparison - Thermofish v Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Hi Goddesses

I am having a fabulous weekend in the nail room - what are you up to?  I hope you're having fun and chillaxing too!

As some of you know, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster by Literary Lacquers is probably my favourite polish of all time.  It's teal (WTF? lol), holo, glittery and just sensational on the nail.

When the new Vurt-U-Want collection was released, I was immediately attracted to Thermofish, which was teal, holo, glittery and ALSO looked just sensational on the nail.

As often happens, at first glance I thought Thermofish was a dupe, but it wasn't til I got them side by side that I realised how different they were (and how much I now hate the old labels lol).

PGGB is the bluer of the two, whilst Thermofish leans a very green teal.  It's still oceanic, but in a green, rather than blue way. It's also a lot more glittery than PGGB.  I wore PGGB on my middle and pinkie fingers and Thermofish on my index and ring.

Do you NEED both - well, if you love teal, yes you do!  If you want to check out solo pics, you can find oodles of photos of Thermofish HERE and Pan Galactic Gargle Buster HERE.

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