Sunday, 19 July 2015

Literary Lacquers VURT-U-WANT Collection - The Blues & Greens

Hi Goddesses

Apologies that it's taken a few weeks to get this review to you.  When you move house, time becomes this cruel thing where wanting to empty boxes means you can't do cool other stuff like swatching polishes!   This is another great collection from Amy, which I was sent for review, and I am splitting it in half to cram in the max number of photos.

In this post we have the blues and the greens, and we start with one of the standout polishes of the collection - Thermofish.

At firt glance, this is a dead on dupe for my favourite indie polish of all time, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, but on closer inspection it's not (there's a separate post later in the week with a comparison).

This is a very greeny teal, with Amy's trademark holo and glitter mix.  It's gorgeous.

Its royal blue cousin is Blue Lullaby, a real winner of a polish.  My camera freaked a little at its intensity, so please know that in real life this is much more royal blue (my camera has lightened it).

Again, the gorgeous mix is there, and this is a really stunning colour, a statement for all seasons.   I loved how dramatic this looked on my nails.

Shadowgirl is a polish that harkens back to Amy's earlier polishes - I haven't seen a glittermix like this for a long time.

This is really beautiful, with just the right combo of glitters, and dries to an ashen, matte finish.  Really unusual, and unique in my collection.

Finally for this post we have Bottletown, a bottle green holo with copper flakies.

This is fabulous.  It looks so smooth and delicious on the surface, but once you get into indirect light, all those flakies come out to play.

This collection was sent to my for my honest review and can purchased HERE.  Part 2 coming very soon!

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