Sunday, 19 July 2015

Literary Lacquers VURT-U-WANT Collection Part 2 - The Brights

Hi Goddesses

Today I have the 2nd half of the Vurt-U-Want Collection from Literary Lacquers, including the polish I've been wanting Amy to make for the longest time!

Vurt-U-Want is a gorgeous bright pink, featuring Amy's trademark holo and glitter.

I often tease Amy about the amount of blues and greens and neutrals in her collections, begging her to unleash the reds, oranges and pinks, and here, she's done a fabulous job.

In the bottle, I thought this would be a deep hot pink, but it's more a medium toned pink - it has quite the 50s / 60s vibe and feels very kittenish on the nail.  I'm going to shock you now - my favourite polish in the collection!

Dreamsnake is purpley-lilac holo which went on very sheer at 1st coat, but built with great intensity.

This is balanced somewhere between the silvery-lilac goodness of say OPI DS Original and something a little darker, and a little more perverted.

Excuse the less than brilliant photo, but the real win of this polish is how it looks out of the sun, when all these amazing flakies come out to play.  Secret winner!

Curious Yellow is a yellow matte glittery polish.  It's yellow.  It's VERY yellow.  Fuck me is it yellow.

I can imagine Amy giggling when she sent me this.  I don't actually hate it though.   It's incredibly saturated, and although I would never wear it on its own, I can see it being great in nail art.  It naturally dries matte, and I have it glossy on 3 nails so you can see the comparison.

And finally a glitter topper, something we haven't seen from Literary Lacquers in a long time.  Everytime I saw this I changed my mind - it's genius!  it's meh!  I love it!  I'm not sure!  (and please excuse my dodgy split index nail which finally gave up the ghost with 1 polish of the collection left!)

On the nail, I really liked it (I have it here over Cuernos del Paine by Elevation Polish), and I think the reason is that the 2 make such a good couple.   For me, anything with black glitter, and especially shardlike or irregular black glitter is always a winner.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased here.  As ever, all these polishes apply beautifully and cause no issues.  I personally prefer them best at 3 coats.   I like the variety of this collection, but my favourites are still the ones with Amy's trademark glitter and holo formula.

Later in the week I'll compare Thermofish with Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster and get my Literary Lacquers nail art on ;)  Finally, here's a reminder of the blues and greens, in case you missed them xx

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