Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Powder Perfect - Stained Glass Polishes

Hi Goddesses

Ta-da! An actual blog post!  Reviewing actual stuff!  With actual nail art!  Hurrah!

Before the house move, the last polishes I posted were 2 from the new Powder Perfect Collection.  How fitting that the first post AFTER the house move features 7 polishes from Jacinta's new Stained Glass Collection.

I have wanted to do leadlighting / glazing / lead lighting for AAAAAGES so was really glad to get the opportunity to review these polishes.  And do you know what, they were awesome!

In case you're in the same boat, here were my concerns - 

* would you be able to see the colour if I went on the black stamping line?   No.

* would they be so sheer that they would look rubbish?   No.

* Would they be finickity to use like the hideous OPI Sheer Tints?   No.

Not only that, they had some considerable advantages -

* they blended well.  See my advanced butterflies lol.

* better yet, they MIXED!!  You'll see I have orange and lime green in my manis but not in my bottles - well, it was really easy to mix the polishes together to create other colours.  Fabulous!!

With hindsight, I regret the purple rose in my bouquet, but other than that, I was delighted with how these turned out, and can't wait to use them again and again and again.

Polishes Used
Powder Perfect Stained Glass Primary Colours Trio
4 colours from the Powder Perfect Stained Glass Collection

Stamping Plates Used
UberChic 3-01
Rose bouquet - MoYou Princess 12

The above polishes were sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.

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