Tuesday, 14 July 2015

seventeen Gel Colour - 8 Day Wear

Hi Goddesses

seventeen is a UK brand - if you're from they UK, they were possibly your first cosmetics brand - and they have now ventured out into gel polish.  Not only that, gel polish that allegedly lasts 8 days .....

I'm going to show you each polish first, as swatched, and then discuss the wear.

Well of course I was going to wear the gorgeous creamy lilac purple first - duh!   This is called Summer Sling and is just PERFECT.

The colour is super gorgeous, and look how shiny and gloosy it is with that coat of Poshe on top (they also looked pretty damned shiny without top coat).  My very favourite.

My 2nd favourite is Mint Cooler.  This couldn't be more perfectly named - it's mint, and it's SO cool.

This shade is perfection.  Some mints can be too "white", but this one gets it right in every way.

Speaking of white, welcome to White Lady.  Would this be my illusive one coat white?  

No.  I needed 3 coats here.  However, I've since used it LOADS as a nail art base, and it's thickened up nicely - 2 coats for perfect opacity.

And finally the lemon.  My camera went a little squiffy here.  There's a hint of beige in this lemon, which grounds it nicely and stops it being too garish.

Lemon Drop is also perfect for summer, and although I loathe yellows, this was a pleasing on the eye.

So, moment of truth - how did they last?   Well, first up, I chip like a champ.   Although I wear base and top coat, most of my manis are chipped by the end of the first day and lifting their corners up, begging me to peel them, by the 2nd.

This was how my nails looked after 4 days.  For me, this is actually pretty good going.  Also, as you can perhaps see by the ravaged cuticles, I was still deep in house move duties, clearing up and lifting boxes, so they had over-the-top demands made of them.  For a "normal" person, I am sure these will last well.

You can buy these 4 and 11 other Gel Polishes at Boots stores nationwide and online HERE at £3.99 each.  These products were sent to me for an honest review.

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