Sunday, 26 July 2015

This Week I ..... (wc 20th July)

Hi Goddesses

I do love round-up posts, but man I suck at doing them.  So here goes with another attempt at directing you to the cool stuff lol.

This week I ..... added 2 Video Diaries to my YouTube channel.  They're super chatty and hopefully enjoyable - you can check them both out HERE.

This week I .... posted lots of review posts - Literary Lacquers, Ninja Polish.  THIS post was your favourite.

This week I .... was naughty and bought MORE polishes and MORE stamping plates. 

This week I ... started seeing patterns everywhere again.  This is a sure sign my blogging mojo is back - I have been secretly photographing people's dresses, handbags - anything colourful that grabbed my eye!

This weekend I ....have been reducing my review pile - watch out for Hit The Bottle tomorrow.

As for Bluebelle, this week she has been mostly playing in the garden, chasing her tail :)

Short, sweet and snappy - does that work for you?

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