Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cupcake Polish - Water You Doing

Hi Goddesses

In all the (justified) broooooohaha about Cupcake Polish's Berry Good Looking, some of the other polishes in the collection haven't got the attention they deserve.

I also bought Water You Doing, an aqua / turquoise beauty, and seriously, this ALSO blew me away.

I wore this on my Cinderella hand, and really wasn't happy with the photos I took.   To me, they just weren't as jaw-dropping as the polish.  

Luckily, the next day was our annual day of summer in the UK, and the bright sunshine brought out the full magic of this beauty.

You'll see that in the natural light this looks more blue.  The green hue you saw in some of the other photos was only an indoor thing - most of the time this was gloriously, brilliantly aqua-blue.

Once I got going, it was really hard to stop taking photos of this one.  She's more delicate than Berry, but just as beautiful in her own holotastic way.  GORGEOUS.

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