Thursday, 13 August 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Food .... At The Diner .... Condiments!

Hi Goddesses

Today is a very special DD day - we're doing a blog hop!  Ever since she joined the group, Mandy of Ladymaid Nails has been GAGGING to do this, and today, her dream comes true.  

Behold - our diner menu ....  yummy!   So, Welcome to the Digital Dozen Diner. Please look through our menu and check out what our chefs have in store for you today!

I decided to do condiments, because most of the other easy stuff had gone lol.  And yes, I soooooooooo went there!

I was full of good nail art intentions, but I've always loved that April Fools post Scrangie did, so here you are - condiments on ma nails!

We have salt, pepper, real ketchup, mayo, and then a lovely salty savoury chip sprinkle.

Ironically, this was the quickest mani I have EVER done - base coat-sprinkle-done.  AND it just wiped off at the end lol.

I hope you enjoyed your meal and remember to tip your waitress. Don't forget to follow the InLinkz below if you are still hungry and check out what the rest of our kitchen staff has cooked up.

Please Come Again next month for our 3rd DD anniversary!

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