Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Food ... Carrots

Hi Goddesses

Something a little different today.  This mani came from a conversation with Beth, and originally, I was going to do a whole mani of things growing in the soil, as a reminder that that's where a lot of food comes from.  Eventually I ran out of ideas, so this became instead an homage to the carrot!

This is definitely a mani of 2 halves.  First we have the nail art part, with the carrot peaking through the soil, and then painted on the ring and pinkie fingers.

carrot - Essie Orange It's Obvious

soil - China Glaze Call of the Wild

On all of these fingers, the carrots are outlined and "soiled" with a brown Sharpie pen and the head of the carrot is a green Sharpie pen.   So thumb, so good, but I am really pissed that I got smearing on the other 2 fingers, which kind of makes them look out of focus.  Le sigh.

The other 2 fingers feature a MoYou stamping plate - Festive 13 - and some leadlighting, featuring 2 Powder Perfect stained glass polishes.  I mixed Medieval (red) and Illuminate (yellow) to create my carrot colour.

The base on all the nails is Elevation Polish Walk a Little Farther, a beautiful soft blue which stood up to multiple swipes of acetone as I kept removing layers of mistakes!

Overall, I really like this one, and the mix of styles, and especially the thumb!

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