Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Food .... Pineapples!

Hi Goddesses

For the most part, this week is brought to you by Pinterest!  I have so many boards on there, and that's the first place I turned when I was deciding what to do this week.

This is a classic case of a really cute pattern, and me not loving my mani because it's not close ENOUGH to the pattern - dammit, I wanted DUMPY pineapples!

set-fruit-patterns-preview-03-o.jpg (1160×772)

Still, at least it's freehand, and at one point I was really worried this week was going to be all about the stamping lol!

I used the following polishes - 

base - the gorgeous Limestone by Elevation Polish.  I do loved flecked polishes on base!
pineapple - China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin with China Glaze Desert Sun markings
pineapple head - Girly Bits Hooperchondriac and Barry M Spring Green
dots - Elevation Polish The Med 2, a MoYou stamping polish and Barry M Spring Green

If I was the sort of person to redo this mani, I wouldn't go with Hooperchondriac again for the pineapple head - for me, it's a little too neon, and throws off the other more muted colours in the mani.  I'm also not so thrilled with my dots - I think better colour choices are demanded lol.

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