Thursday, 20 August 2015

Girly Bits SNAFU - Neon Leopard Nail Art

Hi Goddesses

Today features a polish I didn't think I'd like, and nail art that I couldn't like more if you bribed me with chinese food!  It's ALL good :)

The base polish is Snafu by Girly Bits, which was sent to me for review.   It was created with Nicole from Nail Polish Wars and it's just gorgeous.

This is basically an opaque colourless polish lol.   It's nothingness .... made real.  It's creamy, greyish, neutral, silvery in tone, goldish in depth ... it's quite extraordinary is what it is.

I honestly didn't expect to like it as much as I did.  It's not my kind of usual colour, but is was a gorgeous palate cleanser, as well as an awesome polish base for ....

.... some awesome neon leopard print nail art!  I love love LOVE leopard print and I'm always looking for new ways of doing it.

This features 4 gorgeous Girly Bits polishes - 
Hoosier Daddy
You're My Hooper Hero
Thump Your Melons
It's Hoop To Be Square

I've been envious of other people's leopard patterns lately, so I tried something new, and for me it made a massive difference.  I've always done my spots using a dotting tool, but this time I used a brush for those, and also for the outline.  I found the outline work especially was much tighter and cleaner than my usual pattern.

I honestly couldn't get enough of this one and was sad to take if off.

If you'd like to get some Girly Bits of your own, you can splurge to your heart's content HERE.  

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