Monday, 24 August 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish HAPPILY EVER AFTER Collection

Hi Goddesses

I have a monster post for you today - the divine new collection from Grace-full Nail Polish.  It's 7 holos, all inspired by the characters in fairytales, and it's beyond cute!

Let's start with Amethyst the Unicorn, a silvery purple.  The bend on this is really warming against the cooler tone of the polish.

I've owned a lot of polishes similar in colour to this one, and I can't put my finger on it, but this is just a little bit richer in some way.  Divine.

Charming Frog is an iced green.  Very cool toned.  This borders on a being a green-toned aqua.

There's also some beautiful shimmer in this - it stays hidden a lot of the time, but is most visible in indoor light.  I loved the chilled beauty of this one, and even though I am not a green lover, I genuinely liked this.

Coral Castle - aaaah!  Isn't this gorgeous.  My camera loves this, although it's a fraction less bright in real life.

I love coral holos because you get this amazing pay-off between a "hot" colour and the cold fizz of the holo - love seeing that blue and pink dancing light!

Crowning Glory is an unexpected favourite from this collection and I have used it LOADS for nail art.  It's a very opaque gold holo bomb.  It's not a super smooth holo though, and that makes it more interesting.

There's a ot of crunch to this polish, and a lot of unexpected glitteriness and magic.  

I also matted it to see whether that made its components more visible - I didn't even KNOW it had flakies!

Knight Silver Lake is STUNNING, definitely one of my favourites.  It's a bright pale-to-medium blue holo, beautifully bright.

Again, there's a lot of extra action in this polish and it's SUBLIME, a beautiful complicated blue.

Princess Rose is the quintessential fairy princess - sugar pink, super gentle, super girly.

This is a trifle girly for me, but there's no denying how pure and smooth and pretty it is.

And finally, Violetta the Dragon, the other purple in the collection.  This is much warmer than Amethyst, and is probably my favourite of the two.

I love the warmth of this polish and the blue sparkle of it - really lovely.

Overall, I love this collection.  My number one rule for a collection is that it works as a WHOLE and this one does.  Everything is in the same "mid-tone" and very congruent, and they have all nail arted together beautifully!  You'll also love the cute fairy tale logos on the side of each bottle.

Happily Ever After goes on sale on 1st September.  You can follow on Facebook here and buy here (and I'd recommend you pick up some other goodies too!).

These products were sent to me for my honest review.

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