Tuesday, 18 August 2015

It Girl Nail Plates IG03 and IG02 - Review

Hi Goddesses

A little more stamping today with the new It Girl stamping plates.   I have done a range of designs with these plates, from super simple to more complex, and today I have 2 of the more simple looks.

Both of these plates stamped beautifully with no issues.  The images are crisp and clear, and it's great to get such full pick up.

We start with IG02 and some chevrons over Indigo Bananas Diva Plumbum aka Best Polish Name Ever!!!  This is as simple as stamping gets - 1 base, and just 2 patterns, alternated.

For those of you loving the base, it is gorgeous, but my camera's a liar.  It's actually a bit darker in real life - a gorgeous jade/teal neon.  Gorgeous.

Then we have 2 images from IG03 stamped over Indigo Bananas Carbon Dallas.  The stamping here is a little more complex, but still easy.

The stamping is done with a mix of silver and white polish.  On the thumb, it's just simple stripes of each.  On the other nails, you "splodge" your stamping plate, dabbing each colour on the image, and then swipe.  I think these 2 colours work beautifully against the blue (which again, is darker in real life).

These stamping plates were sent to me for my honest review.  You can check out It Girl on Facebook HERE and even make suggestions for future stamping plates.  You can also buy HERE.

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