Saturday, 8 August 2015

Jacava Nail Polish - 3 Polishes, 3 Nail Art Looks

Hi Goddesses

Earlier in the week, I posted swatches of Drury Lane and Mount Row, which I had been sent for review by Jacava Nail Polish.  They also sent me Mont Blanc, a white, and there was just something irresistible about the 3 colours together, and I began seeing nail art patterns everywhere!  So here are 3 very simple looks that you can achieve.

1.  Jumbo Dot

I've got Drury Lane here on base, and I wanted to do something very simple to preserve the serenity of the colour.

I did a single jumbo dot with Mount Row.  To get a dot this size I usually use the end of a pen or pencil - I think I used my wax pencil for this!

I then did a smaller dot inside using Mont Blanc and my largest dotting tool.   Because the polish was new, I think it was still a little thin, and it didn't handle the intensity of Mount Row well, which is why the dot looks pale blue rather than white!

Super simple look.

2.  Floral Dotticure

This is also a really simple look to achieve.  Here, Mount Row is on base.

I then used Drury Lane and a medium dotting tool to create a circle of dots for my flower shape, before adding a centre dot with Mont Blanc.

The key to making this pattern work is to not just do complete flowers - you'll also want some half flowers around the edges.

Final touch - some small, random dots in Mont Blanc to take the edge off the blank spaces.

3.  Gradient

Oh how I loved this gradient!   The camera hasn't totally picked up the colours perfectly, but this was utterly gorgeous to wear.

I've used the colours in order, from palest to darkest, as I felt this gave the smoothest and most dramatic look.

This also looked great before I glossed it up.   

I loved this last look so much, I couldn't resist doing something else to it .... but I'll save that for another post.

Have a great Saturday!

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