Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Jacava Nail Polish - Drury Lane and Mount Row

Hi Goddesses

Today I have 2 sensational polishes that I was sent for review by Jacava nail polish.  I originally reviewed for Jacava when they first came out and loved them, but hadn't heard from them, or OF them, in a while.  Then I saw a photo of one of their new releases, Drury Lane, on their FB page and my heart thumpity-thumped.   Bless their little hearts they remembered me, and thanked me for my comment by sending me a package of 5 bottles - 3 polishes and a base and top coat.   I've had the 3rd polish - Mont Blanc - before, and it's a great white, and I've whipped up a nail art storm because of how well these 3 colours play together.  You'll get to see 3 nail art looks at the weekend, and then a very special one after Digit-al Dozen week.

So let's start with the polish that made me week at the knees - Drury Lane.  This is just beautiful.  It's a soft-toned dusty pale blue with lavender leanings, and it's the lavender leanings that make it so special.

This applied gorgeously.  If you haven't tried Jacava before, that annoyingly long wand which makes them so hard to store is PERFECT for polish application, resting perfectly on your middle finger and steadying your hand - ergonomic genius.

Mount Row is blue .... cough ... BLUE.  It's a Baker Street style blue, very cobalt, very dramatic.

This looked great on, but gave my camera the occasional panic attack.  For colour accuracy I suggest you focus on the darker photos.

All in all, Jacava is still a brand to love. GREAT cremes, great application, lovely dumpy bottle shape and that wand - it's brand perfection.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.  You can follow Jacava on Facebook HERE and purchase HERE, and see some amazing nail art verrry sooon.

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