Saturday, 22 August 2015

Review - Girly Bits - WINTER SANCTUARY

Hi Goddesses

For the 3rd day in a row I have some Girly Bits loveliness for you.  

Winter Sanctuary was another polish where my reaction was not what I expected.  In the bottle, it looked like "just" another blue holo, slightly denim-y, and fairly similar to a lot of others that I own or have passed through the nail room.

But on the nail, wow what a different experience.  There are hidden bits of indigo in this just waiting to explode in the burst of scattered holo, and THAT'S what makes it so magical.

This is a rich and complex polish.  One thing on the surface, but so much more once you get up and personal with it.  As far as blue holos go, this one is a little bit magical, a whole lot twinkly, and ever so slightly purple-y.  Winner.

You can buy your Girly Bits HERE and don't forget to grab a peek at the new Vegas 2015 collection.

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