Monday, 3 August 2015

The Polish Bar Summer 2015 Collection

Hi Goddesses

Happy Monday!   Why is it a happy Monday, you may ask? Because I am on holidaaaaaaaay all week.  AND my UberMat came today.  Yup, lockdown in the nail room!

Today I have the Summer 2015 Collex from The Polish Bar for you, which was sent to me for review.  It's a 7 piece collection, with 4 neon scattered holos and 3 glitter crellies.

First up, I have some nail art I did with the 4 neons.  I used top coat on these to keep them super glossy, as neons can dry a little matte.  These were all 2 coats.

Ok, let's start with the hot stuff.   Lanikai is a great hot pink.  Love at first sight lol.

This was nicely bright but not obnoxious :)

Bora Bora is that violet colour that's everywhere right now - not quite pink, not quite purple, just some heavenly fusion of the 2.

This was another favourite for me.

Maldives is a bright blue holo - but not too blue.

This is a nice bright azure blue - clear and sharp - rather than the darker blues we're used to seeing.

And Seychelles - or Kermit :)

This is a super bright neon green.   This one is the least special for me, partly because it's green, and partly because I seem to have reviewed this type of colour A LOT.  Still, that's my personal preference.

Onto the crellies then, and I actually had a fair amount of love for these.  I am not a white-based-crelly-glitter girl, and I usually dread swatching these, but these are perhaps some of my favourites Janice has done.   I had NO ISSUES glitter-fishing with 2 of the polishes.  The only one that gave me slight issues was Hanalei Bay, and that's because all the glitter sank to one side of the bottle in transit (as you may have seen in my recent video HERE.)

We start with Hanalei Bay, which is my least favourite of the 3.  I have it over a white base, and I think the reason I love it least is because the glitters are larger.  Although I like the colour mix, I would have preferred smaller pieces.

Cape Cod is gorgeous, really gorgeous.  This has smaller glitters, and it's the colour combination that's so great here - those lemon glitters look like sand and really pop.

Again, I have it over a white base, and you can see there is a very faint pale blue tinge to this one.  Delicate.

And finally Waikiki which I have au naturel on 3 nails and over white on 2 nails.  I love how neutral it looks all by itself - how does it do that with all those micro neons?

I really liked this one too, and for me it was the teeny tiny size of the glitters that made this magical - like grains of tropical-infused sand.

This lovely collection goes on sale on Friday 7th August - grab some summer while you can!   This collection was sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.

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